Simple Tips On Tightening Your Vagina

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Having a tight vaginal area is a dream of every woman. There are two extremely reliable methods to tighten up a vagina area. Here in this article we will briefly explore both of them and find out which is much better and cost friendly.

Vagina Tightening Surgery or Vaginoplastygirl holding her private part

This is known to be the most practical way to get a tighter vagina but at the same time it is an extremely pricey surgery costing around $5000.

Natural Herbs To Tighten a Vagina

Using natural herbs for vaginal area tightening up has been a common practice in Asian nations. These natural herbs tighten up the vaginal walls and offer many more benefits in sexual health. These herbs that are made into creams and gels forms likeand can be used anytime, they begin to work within a few moments of application. Let us see how these creams and gels shall be applied

1. Wash your hands with handwash and use a towel to clean your vaginal area with lukewarm water.

2. Clean your vagina up until it is dry and clean.

3. Apply two squirts inside the vagina, the tightening impact will be felt within a few minutes of applying.

4. Wash your hands thoroughly.

5. Now you are ready for an intimate sex session with a tighter vagina.

couple making love on bedAdverse effects

These creams and sprays are made from natural herbs and do not consist of any chemicals as a result of which these gels and creams do not have any side effects. Routine application of these herbs will certainly result in irreversible tightening impact and when you get the preferred results you can stop using the herbs.


After studying both the surgical treatment and natural treatment. We can quickly say that natural herbs are a method much better to treat this problem as it is very cost effective. An herbal spray for vaginal area tightening up does not cost more than a few dollars while a surgery can dig a hole in your pocket.…