What A Struggling With A Loose Vagina Should Know

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Why does a woman’s vagina lose its grip? A flappy vagina is a nightmare for any woman, particularly when their significant other shows some signs of dissatisfaction in bed. As such, if you are struggling with some loose vagina, you need to find a solution to this problem ASAP. However, the most important step in resolving this issue is by understanding what makes a vagina loose.

When looking for possible reasons why a vagina could be loose, you realize that red haired girlthey many myths that tryto explain why some women have flappy vaginas. Well, some have some truths in them, and others are false. In this regard, here are the main causes or reasons why your pussy can become loose.

Causes of loose vaginal walls


Natural childbearing subjects pelvic muscles to lots of stress when giving birth. As such, your vaginal walls are stretched to their limits for the child to pass. In this regard, getting many children, particularly in a short period has a direct impact on your vaginal walls. However, not all women end up with a loose vagina. Some get their grip back once they are done.

Rough sex

Normal sex is good for your vagina. It can make your vagina tighter considering that muscles are used naturally during the entire process. However, too much rough sex is a recipe for a loose vagina. For instance, people using sex toys hurt their vagina walls, which has an adverse impact on the tightness of your vagina. In case all the damage has been done, some kegel exercises and natural vaginal tightening creams might restore the grip you used to have before.


old ladyNaturally, your pussy’s grip decreases with age. This is attributed the fact that muscles responsible for making your vulva tight grow old as you age. It is a natural process common to all women. However, you can always do something to restore the integrity of your vaginal walls. As such, you need to look for a solution to keep your pussy tight as you age.

Solutions prescribed to woman with loose vaginas

How can one restore the grip they once enjoyed? First, adopting a healthy lifestyle goes a long way in dealing with vaginal looseness. Simple acts like drinking water and workouts can make it tight again. However, when using creams, it is imperative to ensure the product you are about poses no risks to your health.…