Simple Tips On Tightening Your Vagina

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Having a tight vaginal area is a dream of every woman. There are two extremely reliable methods to tighten up a vagina area. Here in this article we will briefly explore both of them and find out which is much better and cost friendly.

Vagina Tightening Surgery or Vaginoplastygirl holding her private part

This is known to be the most practical way to get a tighter vagina but at the same time it is an extremely pricey surgery costing around $5000.

Natural Herbs To Tighten a Vagina

Using natural herbs for vaginal area tightening up has been a common practice in Asian nations. These natural herbs tighten up the vaginal walls and offer many more benefits in sexual health. These herbs that are made into creams and gels forms likeand can be used anytime, they begin to work within a few moments of application. Let us see how these creams and gels shall be applied

1. Wash your hands with handwash and use a towel to clean your vaginal area with lukewarm water.

2. Clean your vagina up until it is dry and clean.

3. Apply two squirts inside the vagina, the tightening impact will be felt within a few minutes of applying.

4. Wash your hands thoroughly.

5. Now you are ready for an intimate sex session with a tighter vagina.

couple making love on bedAdverse effects

These creams and sprays are made from natural herbs and do not consist of any chemicals as a result of which these gels and creams do not have any side effects. Routine application of these herbs will certainly result in irreversible tightening impact and when you get the preferred results you can stop using the herbs.


After studying both the surgical treatment and natural treatment. We can quickly say that natural herbs are a method much better to treat this problem as it is very cost effective. An herbal spray for vaginal area tightening up does not cost more than a few dollars while a surgery can dig a hole in your pocket.…

How to Find a Good Escort

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There are many times where one would need the services of an escort. There are many options available but how do you look for one?

Finding a trusted Los Angeles escorts directory site that has numerous escort ads for you to explore. You can tell you escort girl in black dressare on an excellent site if the majority of the ads there are posted monthly. Websites to avoid would be websites where escorts publish ads day-to-day instead of month-to-month. One factor behind this is that day-to-day advertisements are very low-cost which draws in lower class escorts.

Choose if you want to search for an independent companion or an escort agency.Agencies can be good because you can anticipate a specific level of consistency from the escorts. If you find a firm that you like, then the booker can make suggestions to you according to your taste. The disadvantage of agencies is that you will certainly have to pay a bit more because you will pay a huge agency cost which is rolled into the rate.

Slim your search to the kind of escort that you want. Some classifications consist of; mature, brunette, blond, busty, VIP, and so on. Select a budget. Bear in mind that you get girl in a bikiniwhat you pay for. If you only have $100-$200 or the comparable, to spend, you must think about saving up some more money since you might have a much better experience if you want to spend a bit more. When you click a girl that you like, scroll down and take a look at her cost if she is nowhere within your budget then you may not want to lose your time reading her profile. Do not try to work out the price with an upscale escort. If her cost is not listed, then she is normally more pricey. If you find a companion that you like and she is in your cost range, see to it that there will be no added costs or “tips” once you arrive.

Ensure she is the lady in the picture! Companions who make use of phony photos will certainly never tell you that it is not them. They will assure you “that is 100 % me!” but when you arrive, the only thing that is the same is her hair color. Lots of women making use of fake pictures will certainly blur out their face. However, many beautiful companions using genuine pictures will blur their face too for privacy factors. One way you can check if her image is genuine is to look her up on a review site. Other customers will leave comments about her and let you know if she is the lady in the image.

Google her stage name or look her up on an evaluation website and see how long she has been working. If she has only been doing this for a few weeks or months, then you are taking a greater risk. Google her contact phone number and e-mail.girl in bikini

Discuss plans and possibilities, discretely. Once …

how to have safe sex

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couple on the bedIts important to play safe while dating. If you must engage in sexual intercourse it’s critical to engage in safe sex. Playing safe has the advantage of avoiding unwanted pregnancies and also in preventing STD. Committing to engage in safe sex helps partners feel more confident when making their sexual decisions. Having safe sex may not necessarily be foolproof. Deciding to consistently practice it also forces partners make conscious decisions to engage in sex instead of letting it just happen. It’s vital to use condoms during both vaginal and anal sex.

There are several important tips that assist partners on how to have safe sex. Below is a detailed summary

If you are using male condoms during sex; you must put on the condom the sooner your partner’s penis erects. Putting on the condom early reduces the dangers of passing skin to skin diseases. Putting it on that early is also necessary since it’s very easy to forget putting on one the moment you are consumed by the heat of the moment. Female condoms should be inserted very early before sex and should be lubricated from both the inside and outside.

For comfortable ejaculation enough space should be left at the tip of the male condom. Failure to do that increases the chances of condom breakage. For the same reason it’s important to ensure that no air is trapped the first time you put on the condom. After the penetrative partner has had orgasms he should make sure that he holds the condom from the base while withdrawing the penis from the partner’s body. This makes the slippage of the condom less likely and decreases the chances of condom failure.girl holding a condom

Checking the expiry date of the condom is very important before opening the packet. It’s also necessary to ensure that the package of the condom is intact. This is done by checking the air bubble. Using silicone-based lubricants or water is ideal during intercourse. Proper lubrication drastically reduces the danger of tearing and other damages during intercourse. This minimizes the chances of transmitting STD. It’s also important to use lubrications even if the condoms you are using are lubricated. It’s never absurd to keep your favorite brand of lubricant bottle next to your bed.

A majority of people know how to have safe sex but make silly mistakes. If you make a mistake of putting a condom inside out, throw it away and start all over again with another condom. Don’t roll it off trying to use it again…

Safe Sex Positions

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feet of a coupleSex is part of our daily life activity enjoyed by majority but unfortunately, only a few are concerned about safe sex positions. In real life, it imperative to learn the concerns, adjustments, and safety precautions without necessarily letting your sex life go down the drainage. Most importantly, the factors to consider regard safety of the parties during the intercourse and that of the kid on the way. It is advisable to be informed of the best positions for pregnant mothers in order not to harm that unborn baby. Sex is actually recommended for pregnant mothers because it helps to boost blood flow around the pelvic area and consequently it increases the sensation.

1. Man on top
The most secure position according to the study is still the man on top position. This is also known as the traditional style but surprisingly it holds several advantages such as allowing the man to control the thrust force thus reducing the chances of penile fractures. The opposite with woman on top has reported the highest cases of penile fractures worldwide with particular cases reported by 44 men in Brazil’s city of Campinas. The woman is likely to cause severe harm in case her weight lands on the erect penis.couple making love to each other

2. Spooning
This is a secure position you can enjoy without worries. Both partners lie sideways like two spoons joined together. The male partner lies behind the woman and chooses the best angle of penetration comfortable for both of them. It is also appropriate for a growing belly.

3. Edge of the bed
This is done with the male partner kneeling outside the bed while the partner lies down facing the man with her waist at the edge of that bed and the legs spread down. The male partner penetrates in a kneeling position with minimum pressure put on the abdomen.

4. Scissors
This position is highly recommended for pregnant mothers by doctors. They suggest that the typical couple making lovescissor angle enables slower and gentler penetration. In this sexual angle, there are no possible harms to both parties. It is similarly appropriate for pregnant women.

5. Side lying position
Front-to-front or front –to-back side lying during sexual intercourse is comfortable and secure for pregnant mothers and at the same time it minimizes the chances of penile fractures.

Sex is a right for both partners but best when we observe safe sex positions for the benefit and safety of the man, woman and that of kid on the way.…

Sex Health for Teens

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2 ladies talkingSex health for teen is probably one of the most important talks to have with a teenage. Your teenage kid is undergoing rapid change both mentally and physically hence this is the time to become a friend whom he/ she can confide in as well seek advice from. Your advice at this age not give your kid a positive and healthy perspective of sexuality and human intimacy but also helps him/her stand up to any form of rubbish in the media and from peers.


Tips on How to Talk Best about Sex to a Teen

Sex health discussion is difficult especially when it comes to parent-child relationship. Most parents do not know where and how to start hence delay or avoid discussing sex, health and sexuality. This consequently, gives the kid the urge to look for more options that will satisfy his curiosity putting him at risk.

  1. Initiate a dialogue

Normally a teen will never talk to her parent about changes her body is undergoing, may be due to discomfort or fear. But the parent can always initiate the talk by talking about a certain advert on media, a friend of the opposite giving advice to a girl

When having a talk with your teen about a serious issue, it is necessary for the parent to be a good listener besides take the child into confidence. Until you do this, the child will be unsafe to communicate what she feels. Do not forget to assure them that you will always be there to answer their questions as well as help.

  1. Ensure you are knowledgeable

Do your homework well before your begin advising a teen. The approach you use (depending on the age) and how relevant you are on the current issue should not be compromised. You can ask certain questions that will help you know if they know and the accuracy of the same knowledge.

Consult a medical practitioner in case your child shows any form of resistance when talking to you.

  1. Follow

After the sex talk, clearly communicate rules and their limits.

Sex Health for Teens: Birth Control

Teenage sexual encounters are getting trendier everyday; children are having more sex at very tender girl consulting a specialistage. This is therefore putting them at a risk of contacting STDs, HIV/AIDs and getting unwanted pregnancies hence the need to access birth control measures like contraceptives and condoms.

Many argue that giving the teens access to contraceptives will encourage them. But the truth is that the children will have sex whether they can access them or not. With this in mind, one should think of ways to mitigate the consequences of teenage sexual encounter.

Therefore, if you know of a child who is sexually active you need to make the local clinic your best friend. Many doctors will educate him on different options of birth control including use of condoms as well help him pick the right option.

Whatever is your take, sex health for teens is crucial and it is the responsibility of everyone to ensure that …