Safe Sex Positions

feet of a coupleSex is part of our daily life activity enjoyed by majority but unfortunately, only a few are concerned about safe sex positions. In real life, it imperative to learn the concerns, adjustments, and safety precautions without necessarily letting your sex life go down the drainage. Most importantly, the factors to consider regard safety of the parties during the intercourse and that of the kid on the way. It is advisable to be informed of the best positions for pregnant mothers in order not to harm that unborn baby. Sex is actually recommended for pregnant mothers because it helps to boost blood flow around the pelvic area and consequently it increases the sensation.

1. Man on top
The most secure position according to the study is still the man on top position. This is also known as the traditional style but surprisingly it holds several advantages such as allowing the man to control the thrust force thus reducing the chances of penile fractures. The opposite with woman on top has reported the highest cases of penile fractures worldwide with particular cases reported by 44 men in Brazil’s city of Campinas. The woman is likely to cause severe harm in case her weight lands on the erect penis.couple making love to each other

2. Spooning
This is a secure position you can enjoy without worries. Both partners lie sideways like two spoons joined together. The male partner lies behind the woman and chooses the best angle of penetration comfortable for both of them. It is also appropriate for a growing belly.

3. Edge of the bed
This is done with the male partner kneeling outside the bed while the partner lies down facing the man with her waist at the edge of that bed and the legs spread down. The male partner penetrates in a kneeling position with minimum pressure put on the abdomen.

4. Scissors
This position is highly recommended for pregnant mothers by doctors. They suggest that the typical couple making lovescissor angle enables slower and gentler penetration. In this sexual angle, there are no possible harms to both parties. It is similarly appropriate for pregnant women.

5. Side lying position
Front-to-front or front –to-back side lying during sexual intercourse is comfortable and secure for pregnant mothers and at the same time it minimizes the chances of penile fractures.

Sex is a right for both partners but best when we observe safe sex positions for the benefit and safety of the man, woman and that of kid on the way.

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