Sex Health for Teens

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2 ladies talkingSex health for teen is probably one of the most important talks to have with a teenage. Your teenage kid is undergoing rapid change both mentally and physically hence this is the time to become a friend whom he/ she can confide in as well seek advice from. Your advice at this age not give your kid a positive and healthy perspective of sexuality and human intimacy but also helps him/her stand up to any form of rubbish in the media and from peers.


Tips on How to Talk Best about Sex to a Teen

Sex health discussion is difficult especially when it comes to parent-child relationship. Most parents do not know where and how to start hence delay or avoid discussing sex, health and sexuality. This consequently, gives the kid the urge to look for more options that will satisfy his curiosity putting him at risk.

  1. Initiate a dialogue

Normally a teen will never talk to her parent about changes her body is undergoing, may be due to discomfort or fear. But the parent can always initiate the talk by talking about a certain advert on media, a friend of the opposite giving advice to a girl

When having a talk with your teen about a serious issue, it is necessary for the parent to be a good listener besides take the child into confidence. Until you do this, the child will be unsafe to communicate what she feels. Do not forget to assure them that you will always be there to answer their questions as well as help.

  1. Ensure you are knowledgeable

Do your homework well before your begin advising a teen. The approach you use (depending on the age) and how relevant you are on the current issue should not be compromised. You can ask certain questions that will help you know if they know and the accuracy of the same knowledge.

Consult a medical practitioner in case your child shows any form of resistance when talking to you.

  1. Follow

After the sex talk, clearly communicate rules and their limits.

Sex Health for Teens: Birth Control

Teenage sexual encounters are getting trendier everyday; children are having more sex at very tender girl consulting a specialistage. This is therefore putting them at a risk of contacting STDs, HIV/AIDs and getting unwanted pregnancies hence the need to access birth control measures like contraceptives and condoms.

Many argue that giving the teens access to contraceptives will encourage them. But the truth is that the children will have sex whether they can access them or not. With this in mind, one should think of ways to mitigate the consequences of teenage sexual encounter.

Therefore, if you know of a child who is sexually active you need to make the local clinic your best friend. Many doctors will educate him on different options of birth control including use of condoms as well help him pick the right option.

Whatever is your take, sex health for teens is crucial and it is the responsibility of everyone to ensure that every teen is well educated.

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