Tips for Booking a Stripper For a Stag Night

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When you think about a stag night, the first thing that probably crosses your mind is strippers. This is because having a stripper is a seen as a right of passage to adulthood. Besides going for night outs, you can consider having Male & Female Strippers for Hire for indoor entertainment. So, what how do you go about booking a stripper for a stag night?

Factors to Consider

Take a decision on the locationicon for entertainer

Will the strippers come to you or will you go to them? It would probably not be a good idea if the strip show was in some bar. Imagine how awkward it would be for the strangers who have nothing to do with your stag night if a stripper randomly showed up at the bar.

Shop around for the best stripper services

If you wanted a delicious piece of meat, where would you go? To the butchers of course. The same applies when it comes to booking strippers, you need to go to a strip club to find them.

Once a location for the stag night has been determined, you can start looking for strip clubs that offer stripper booking services. Do as much research as you can before settling for one. Ask one of your single friends (or even the married ones) if there is a strip club or stripper services they could recommend.


Do not wait till the stag night to agree on the price for the strippers. You cannot make a logical money decision if you are drunk, or a stripper’s body is all over you. Ensure that when you are booking the strippers and the arrangements are being made, negotiations for the services have already agreed. If possible, do this over the phone, this way you will not have to compromise on what you want.

Request for pictures

If you do not want a bunch she-men showing up to your stag night, then it is probably a good idea to ask for pictures beforehand. If you have to go to the strip club to confirm, it will totally be worth it.

Havicon for entertainere an agreement in writing

This is necessary to avoid costly disappointments, especially since strippers and strip clubs are not exactly known for their reliability. Here you can include things such as the time of arrival, actions to be taken in case the stripper provides a less than satisfactory performance and so on.

Have a budget in place

To have strippers, you must first have cash in place. Ask for referrals and compare the quotes offered by different agents. From there, have a budgets with all the necessary estimates and stick to it.

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