Effective Natural Ways Of Vagina Tightening

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Losing the tightness of the vagina is a problem not only for older women, but also for some women who are in the younger age group. One reason could be successively giving birth, wherein the pelvic floor muscles and the vaginal muscles are traumatized that they can longer retain their original form, leaving the vagina loose and slack.

surgeon doing an operationWith the advancement of medical technology, different surgical operations were established to address the growing need for treating a loose vagina. One example is vaginoplasty. However, such surgical procedures are expensive, and of course, not everyone has the luxury of money to afford them. That is why most women that are stressed out about having a loose vagina are seeking natural ways to achieve a vagina estrecha sin vaginoplastia.

There are numerous ways to attain a tighter vagina without worrying about spending a lot of money. It includes Kegel exercises, leg-ups, and the use of vaginal tightening cream or gel as well as herbs.

Kegel Exercises

Kegel exercise is known to be the best type of exercise to prevent your private part from becoming slack and sluggish. Kegel’s muscles are the ones involve when you try to stop the flow of urine in midstream. You can execute kegel exercises by contracting the muscles for about five seconds and release your hold to them for another five seconds. Do this three to five times consecutively. And then, try to contract them again raising the interval to ten seconds. Doing this everyday would make your vaginal muscles stronger. Hence, it will keep the tightness of your vagina.

Leg-ups or leg raises

Leg-ups or leg raises involve you lying on your back and raising one of your legs upwards. Make sure that your leg is straight while you raise it into the air. Do this with your right and left legs in alternate. This type of exercise strengthen the muscles surrounding your vagina.

Vagina tightening cream and gelstretching the legs

The use of vagina tightening cream and gel also helps in making your vagina tighter. Be sure though to do research first before you use one. V-tight Gel is considered by many customers as the best vaginal tightening product. You will be able to feel the amazing results in just a few minutes after using it. It is highly recommended that you do the kegel exercises along with the application of v-tight gel to achieve a long-lasting result.


There are many herbs that you can apply to your vagina to keep its walls healthy and strong. Among these herbs are aloe vera, gooseberries, mint leaves, oak gall and many more.…

What A Struggling With A Loose Vagina Should Know

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Why does a woman’s vagina lose its grip? A flappy vagina is a nightmare for any woman, particularly when their significant other shows some signs of dissatisfaction in bed. As such, if you are struggling with some loose vagina, you need to find a solution to this problem ASAP. However, the most important step in resolving this issue is by understanding what makes a vagina loose.

When looking for possible reasons why a vagina could be loose, you realize that red haired girlthey many myths that tryto explain why some women have flappy vaginas. Well, some have some truths in them, and others are false. In this regard, here are the main causes or reasons why your pussy can become loose.

Causes of loose vaginal walls


Natural childbearing subjects pelvic muscles to lots of stress when giving birth. As such, your vaginal walls are stretched to their limits for the child to pass. In this regard, getting many children, particularly in a short period has a direct impact on your vaginal walls. However, not all women end up with a loose vagina. Some get their grip back once they are done.

Rough sex

Normal sex is good for your vagina. It can make your vagina tighter considering that muscles are used naturally during the entire process. However, too much rough sex is a recipe for a loose vagina. For instance, people using sex toys hurt their vagina walls, which has an adverse impact on the tightness of your vagina. In case all the damage has been done, some kegel exercises and natural vaginal tightening creams might restore the grip you used to have before.


old ladyNaturally, your pussy’s grip decreases with age. This is attributed the fact that muscles responsible for making your vulva tight grow old as you age. It is a natural process common to all women. However, you can always do something to restore the integrity of your vaginal walls. As such, you need to look for a solution to keep your pussy tight as you age.

Solutions prescribed to woman with loose vaginas

How can one restore the grip they once enjoyed? First, adopting a healthy lifestyle goes a long way in dealing with vaginal looseness. Simple acts like drinking water and workouts can make it tight again. However, when using creams, it is imperative to ensure the product you are about poses no risks to your health.…

Home Remedies for Vagina Tightening

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Many women are aiming to tighten their vagina. It has become a craze not only for those who are in their late 30’s but also for younger women. And the most common reason is to achieve better sex. They say that loosened vaginal muscles reduce sensitivity and pleasure during sex. Having a tight vagina helps build confidence among women.

Most people say that too much sex and giving birth can loosen up the muscles of the vagina permanently, but this is topless girl sitting on a beachpartially incorrect. It is true that having a baby might widen it a little bit but it does not stay that way permanently. The vagina has elastic muscles. It then means that they have the ability to stretch and go back to their original shape.There are a lot of ways totighten your vagina.

Here are some remedies to naturally get your vagina back in shape:

1. KEGEL EXERCISES – Performed to strengthen the pelvic floor muscles. Try to stop urination in midstream, if you succeed to do it, then you know that you have the right muscles. You can do the exercises in different positions, but the easiest way would be lying down. Try to hold the contraction for 5 seconds and then relax for five seconds. You can do it five times in a row. You can also try to keep the muscles contracted for about 10 seconds and relax for another 10 seconds. You can do at least three sets daily

2. LEGS UP – This is another simple exercise to tighten your vagina. Lie down on your back while raising your legs upwards one after the other. Don’t bend your legs, keep them straight while you raise and lower them.

3. ALOE VERA- It is known to prevent a vaginal prolapse. It doesn’t have complicated rules to use since it is a natural plant. Just extract the gel from a mature Aloe Vera and douse it in gently with your finger. You can do this at girl wearing white pantiesleast five times a day. Aloe Vera also serves as a natural sex lubricant.

4. GOOSEBERRIES – Boil a few Gooseberries in water and keep the solution in a bottle. Apply over your vagina while you take a shower every day. It would return the elasticity of your vagina.

5. MAINTAIN A GOOD DIET – What you eat goes down there, and so eating healthy foods will keep your vagina muscles healthy and strong.

Another way on how to tighten your vagina is through the help of medical procedures like Vaginoplasty and Labiaplasty.…

How to Get Back Your Tight Vagina

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Middle age is the time when most women face a lot of changes through experiences such as childbirth and hormonal changes. Looseness in the vagina is one of such changes. Although becoming a mother is one of the most wonderful and sweet experience for women, childbirth can result in looseness in the vagina.

This is because when giving birth, the vagina has to accommodate the size of the kid. This results in extreme
stretching and sometimes tearing of the vaginal tissue. This affects a woman’s sex life since a lot of women find that the vagina never gets its original shape and firmness. This leaves most women with lack of advertisement for taking care of vaginaconfidence and feeling ashamed. Women try various things to tighten their vagina and apart from surgery, the v-tight gel also works the miracle.

What is a v-tight gel?

This product will give women all they want in terms of strengthening and firmness of the vagina. The gel is made up of natural components meant to sculpt and reshape the vaginal walls. The all natural nature of its ingredients also means that the product has no any known side effects.

The gel also helps eliminate the dryness in the vagina and keeps it feeling naturally lubricated which helps in boosting a woman’s libido if that was a problem

Surgical methods may burn holes in the pocket which may cause undesired effects. Creams with dangerous chemicals may cause allergic reaction, but the v-tight gel has been proven free from any side effects and is safe

Ingredient and side effects

couple holding hands on the bedThe ingredient in the gel is all natural. The main ingredient is Manjakani extract that has been previously used in European countries by women to improve the tightness of their vagina. Once discovered, the ingredient was mixed with other ingredients like witch hazel leaf to come up with this amazing gel. Manjakani and witch hazel are also popular for their antibiotic properties. This also means that the gel also treats infections caused due to bacteria and yeast cells.

There are no any reported side effects from individual who have used the gel likely because the ingredients are all natural

Does this product work?

The product features and promises may sound too good to be real but let me assure it isn’t. From the customer blond girl raising her hands while on bedreviews, the product has a 4.5 rating which means it has gained most people’s approval. Results can take a few months to appear depending on an individual, but they will come. You can combine it with some vagina exercises to get best results.

The v-tight gel can turn around a woman’s sex life making it pleasurable and more enjoyable once more. Not just this, the product also helps solve other problems like odor and yeast infections…

Simple Tips On Tightening Your Vagina

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Having a tight vaginal area is a dream of every woman. There are two extremely reliable methods to tighten up a vagina area. Here in this article we will briefly explore both of them and find out which is much better and cost friendly.

Vagina Tightening Surgery or Vaginoplastygirl holding her private part

This is known to be the most practical way to get a tighter vagina but at the same time it is an extremely pricey surgery costing around $5000.

Natural Herbs To Tighten a Vagina

Using natural herbs for vaginal area tightening up has been a common practice in Asian nations. These natural herbs tighten up the vaginal walls and offer many more benefits in sexual health. These herbs that are made into creams and gels forms likeand can be used anytime, they begin to work within a few moments of application. Let us see how these creams and gels shall be applied

1. Wash your hands with handwash and use a towel to clean your vaginal area with lukewarm water.

2. Clean your vagina up until it is dry and clean.

3. Apply two squirts inside the vagina, the tightening impact will be felt within a few minutes of applying.

4. Wash your hands thoroughly.

5. Now you are ready for an intimate sex session with a tighter vagina.

couple making love on bedAdverse effects

These creams and sprays are made from natural herbs and do not consist of any chemicals as a result of which these gels and creams do not have any side effects. Routine application of these herbs will certainly result in irreversible tightening impact and when you get the preferred results you can stop using the herbs.


After studying both the surgical treatment and natural treatment. We can quickly say that natural herbs are a method much better to treat this problem as it is very cost effective. An herbal spray for vaginal area tightening up does not cost more than a few dollars while a surgery can dig a hole in your pocket.…